"Words like young, patriotic and stubborn describe the person Dalton seems to be. But these abilities make a person with loyalty and a trigger discipline like him a talented operative, ready for everything that gets on his path. Yet, he still has a long way to go to find the line which separates his morals with the just cause."
―Classified Shade dossier about Dalton
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Corporal I. Dalton is a Shade operative appearing in Warzone: Shade. He is the main protagonist and is playable in all missions.


Prior to him joining Shade, Dalton was in the Maryland National Guard, implying he may hail from the Baltimore-Washington metro area.



  • Dalton remains silent throughout the whole campaign, being the only playable character in the entire series to have never said anything. Additionally, he never appears in cutscenes although a couple are seen through him in first person.
  • Dalton has a chinese tattoo on his left bicep roughly translating into "Complete Badass". This can be seen during Le'ahi.
  • Along with Calvin "Saint" Silex and Charlie "Spike" Thompson, Dalton appears in the Super Multiverse Battle Arena as a playable character, representing the Warzone saga.

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