Gavin: "Finally back in the field. I have been far too long out of battle"
Barlow: "Take it easy, Summers. It's just an ordinary reconnaissance at the wall. Be carefull with your legs."
Gavin: "That reminds me, I need to test them now."
— Gavin to Barlow after stepping outside the wall.
The Wall
Previous level The Invasion
Next level The Standoff
Game Cybershock
Character Gavin Summers
Team Earth Security Agency
Weapons ACE Hybrid Rifle

Wingman Pistol

Enemy weapons SI Combat Rifle

Huntsman Rifle
Wingman Pistol

Place Outside the Wall of Penumbra, at Savior Statue
Date October 10, 2150
Objective Perform recon outside the wall
  • Patrol the area
  • Jump down
  • Eavesdrop on radio
  • Take out the enemies
  • Defuse the explosives
  • Investigate the wall
Enemies Atlas Shadow Forces
Console codename sp_wall

The Wall is the second mission in the singlelplayer campaign of Cybershock. It involves Gavin Summers performing recon outside Penumbra Wall for the first time after the accident.


To be continued...


  • The Time ticks away (15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy bronze) -  Complete The Wall  on any difficulty.

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