Code Red Entertainment
Code red
Type Multi-media
Founded February 2015
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts
Key people Brandon Lee (Founder, CEO, Lead designer)

Chase Greene (Co-founder)
Katelynn Vargas (CEO of Code Red Films)

Products Video games


Employees 500+
"Forever respawning."
―Company slogan
Code Red Entertainment, or simply known as Code Red, is a multi-media company primarily involved in developing and publishing video games as well as producing films. Following the closing of EternalBlaze Industries, Brandon Lee and other key members went on to form Code Red Entertainment. Code Red is considered as a "spiritual successor" of EB Industries due to it being founded by most of the core members that founded the latter.

After forming the basis of Code Red, Lee and other members had to hire people to hold positions regarding film creation, as the team had an idea of making a film adaptation of their, at the time, unannounced first game.

Code Red FilmsEdit

Main article: Code Red Films

Code Red Films is the portion of the multi-media company that focuses on creating and producing content such as films, television shows, and related media. The company primarily has its employees working with the gaming aspect, but will most likely focus more on the film aspect once more money has been earned and the company is a bit more well known.


Video GamesEdit



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