Charlotte Lynch
Charlie Lynch 2
Birth date Unknown
Gender Female
Height 170cm
Mass 49kg
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye colour Brown
Race/ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality American
Occupation Podcaster
Roleplayer 900bv

Charlotte "Charlie" Lynch is a character in The Heist roleplay. She is played by 900bv.


"Your leaders, they fight only for their own selfish virtues. Praise be to the men behind your debt and your wars. They come out, and they talk, and the crowds celebrate anything they spew. Hey kids, cheer your savior for ending terrorism and poverty! However, if you read between the lines, you can see how sincere they are. But they forget, they are the ones with everything to lose, and when their pedestal collapses they will have no sympathy and no respect. Just remember, we have you in the palm of our hands, and when we want to and when we need to, we will break you."
―Charlotte Lynch

Charlotte's early life is largely a mystery, although she has hinted that she grew up alone which led to her current personality. Although it is known that she is fairly young from her appearance, her birth date and age is unknown, and it is also mentioned that even she isn't sure. Her self-upbringing was tough on her body and her psyche, causing her sociopathic tendencies later in her life.

She rose to attention as an anarchic podcaster, creating weekly anti-governmental podcasts talking about the failures and the lies of the American leaders, trying to inform the people of their government's insincerity. She has been shut down numerous times but always re-appeared quickly. She frequently questions the legitimacy of the first amendment and point out the hypocrisy of censoring American citizens.

She has received claims that all of her words and threats are empty and that all she can do is talk about how the system is flawed. Due to her nature, she takes all of this to heart and goes out to show that she has the power to break society and show that nobody is as safe as they feel. With nothing to lose, and everything to prove, Charlie take on a new role, the co-coordinator in the crew for the heist.

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