Cardinal: "Take the shot!"
Seraph: "Don't do it, no clear!"
Cardinal: "Take the damn shot already!"
— Cardinal and Seraph to Spike about a possible shot on Parker.
Cedo Nulli
Previous level Just Cause
Next level Grieving Wolfpack
Game Warzone: Iron Wolf
Character Charlie "Spike" Thompson
Team Predators
Weapons AAC Honey Badger w/ Reflex sight and Dual mags

DSR-50 w/ Variable zoom and Bipod

Enemy weapons FN F2000 Tactical w/ various attachments

AK-12 w/ various attachments
FN P90 w/ various attachments
UMP.45 w/ various attachments
PP-19 Bizon w/various attachments

MG4 w/ various attachments
KAC Stoner 96

Place Guangzhou-Beijing railway, China
Date March 10th, 2033 - 10:07:45 AM
Enemies Typhoon

 Cedo Nulli is the ninth mission in Warzone: Iron Wolf and the sixth one in the 2033 timeline. It focuses on Charlie "Spike" Thompson in 2033, alongside other Predator members, trying to secure vital intel on Parker on his private train in China.


Main article: Cedo Nulli/transcript


  • Blame the Gun - Complete Cedo Nulli on any difficulty
  • Stay on Target - Fire the DSR-50's entire magazine into enemies without missing or reloading
  • You Can't Kill Me - Complete Just Cause and Cedo Nulli on Veteran

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