The CZ 805 BREN A1 is an assault rifle featured in Warzone: Iron Wolf. It is used by the Predators in the campaign.

Warzone: Iron WolfEdit

CZ-805 BREN A1
Console codename




Damage Multipliers

1.2x headshot

Magazine Size

30 rounds


Assault rifle

Starting Ammunition

90 rounds

Maximum Ammunition

150 rounds

Reload Time

2.33s loaded
2.76s unloaded

Rate of Fire

750 RPM


20-10 (10-5 suppressed)





Fire Mode


Used by


"A balanced weapon great in any firefight. The CZ 805 BREN is specialized for urban combat due the stats and is aggresive for any objective based operations. The CZ 805 BREN can take out multiple soldiers from any postion in a short time."
―Warzone Gunmaster description
The CZ 805 BREN A1 appears for the first time in Warzone: Iron Wolf as the CZ-805. The CZ 805's look is completly black finish. The CZ 805 fires 6.8mm Remington SPC instead of the 5.56x45mm NATO. It appears as the BREN A1, with the longer barrel than the A2, namely 360mm against 277mm.


The CZ 805 BREN is hinted to appear with friendly soldiers in multiple campaign missions. Calvin "Saint" Silex utilizes one in the mission Just Cause with a USP.45. Saint will use another one in Grieving Wolfpack along with an XM25.


The CZ 805 BREN appears in the multiplayer trailer: Fight 4 Fatherland. It will be unlockable at level 52. It sports a high damage with moderate recoil and a low damage drop off, similar to other high damage assault rifles like the AK-12. This means that it is considered a hybrid of an assault rifle and a light machine gun, but with good handling and lightweight design. The iron sights are somewhat obstructive, prompting some to equip an optical attachment, but many times it is workable and modifications are often towards enhancing its handling capabilities.

The CZ 805 BREN is a versatile weapon, but is preferred to be used in tandem with attachments and Perks such as Extended Clip and Scavenger to fight the ammo issue, as when going unchecked, it can chew through reserves rather quickly. The weapon is considered the best assault rifle to use with FMJ rounds due to the lowest damage decrease when shooting through thin cover.

Weapon AttachmentsEdit

  • Reflex Sight
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Silencer
  • Laser Sight
  • Dual Sight
  • Extended Clip
  • Grip
  • Select Fire
  • Dual Mags
  • ACOG Scope
  • EOTech Holographic
  • Compensator
  • Holo Magnifier
  • Scanner Scope
  • Quickdraw Grip
  • Collapsed Stock
  • FMJ Rounds

Original sound