The CK901 is a fully-automatic Assault Rifle featured in Fog of War: Insurrection.

"Fully-automatic assault rifle, heavy hitter."
―Beta Description


The CK901 is set to appear in the singleplayer component.

Multiplayer Beta

The CK901 is the third assault rifle unlocked at level 15, the weapon also appears as the only assault rifle in the Anti-Air Exo Chassis class.

Exo Variants

The CK901 has only one variant in the beta.

Anti-Air Exo Chassis - CK901 Flyswatter

The CK901 Flyswatter is the deafult weapon for the Anti-Air Exo Chassis class and is equiped with MAHEM Rounds and UBRL.

Attachments and Moddifications

  • MAHEM Rounds (CK901 Flyswatter exclusive)
  • UBRL (CK901 Flyswatter exclusive)
  • Side Grip - 100 Hipfire kills.
  • Dual Magazines - 150 Kills after reloading.

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