"Everyone is addicted to something that takes away the pain"
―Bryan Matthew Bedard
Bryan Matthew Bedard
Gender Male
Height 174
Race/ethnicity White American
Nationality American
Occupation Pornographic Star

Bryan Matthew Bedard also known by his stage name Cash Jackson is a character featured in The Heist. He is a small time American pornographic star and amateur bodybuilder living in Los Angeles Califronia.


Early Life and BackgroundEdit

Born on Febuary 7, 1985 in Los Angeles, Califronia to an unammed mother and father. During his first year of college while working at McDonald's, Bryan was approached by Marvin Macy an adult film director. Marvin wanted to talk to Bryan over a drink but Bryan decline his offer, he however accepted Marvin's buisness card. Months later after discussing the matter with his girlfriend who was supportive of his choice as well as the fact that he needed money, he accepted Marvin's offer.

Porn Career Edit

Entering the industry in 2004, Bryan initialy worked with older preformers upon his request.

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