Brody "Flush" Chambers
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Brody "Flush" Chambers is a Delta Force operative, participating in World War III. He is the deuteragonist in Warzone. He reappears in Warzone: Iron Wolf II after his absence in Warzone: Iron Wolf.


Brody "Flush" Chambers is a staff sergeant of the SFOD-D. He is deployed in New York after the invasion of Russia and participates in the rest of World War III. He has served besides New York in Paris, Berlin and London. 

Flush is Diamond's designated marksman, being highly proficienced with semi automatic and sniper rifles. He also experienced with the use of assault rifles, but not with SMGs and PDWs. His callsign Flush can come from two meanings. Because Flush was experienced with long range weaponry, he could've shot targets in buildings or in cover and by that flushing out the others. The other meaning could've come from the card term, the royal flush.

Warzone: Iron Wolf IIEdit

Flush is set to appear in Warzone: Iron Wolf II, having become a Predator operative.

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