Bodycount is a fictional war drama television show created and produced by Code Red Films with supervision from Sledgehammer Games. The show first appeared on HBO in September 2017.

Bodycount takes place in the Call of Duty universe, with its plot taking place after the main events of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It describes the revival of Atlas Corporation at the hands of a new foe and how the rest of the world tries to stop it.


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Season 1Edit

Since Jonathan Irons's death in 2061, Atlas Corporation began to crumble as nations constantly put pressure and firepower on it, eventually leading to its inevitable death. Six years go by as the world recuperates from Atlas's attacks and goes back to normal.

Atlas Corporation was not finished then and there. The world believed it to be done, that they had destroyed all members and operations within the private military company. They were wrong. At the hands of Lauren Irons, the niece of Jonathan Irons, Atlas Corporation was rebuilt fresh, with new state-of-the-art technology and a better foundation. It was revealed to the world that they were back (and better than ever) when they were found doing some deals with organizations across the globe.

Lykan Squad is assigned the task of helping take out the brains of Atlas, though it's very hard. They must overcome many obstacles that are placed in their path to completing their objective, including the resistance of Atlas's new armies. It's a tough job, but who wants to spend countless years waging war when the conflict could be dealt with in a few months?



  • Lykan Squad, all seasons (important characters anyway)

Lykan Squadron is the protagonist faction throughout the entire series. It consists of some of the best non-spec ops USMC soldiers and is primarily deployed for missions normal soldiers would generally have a hard time completing. They are used especially for these kinds of missions and can help on the front lines as well, but are generally not deployed directly to the front lines, as it would be seen as a waste of time and resources for soldiers that good to be doing when they could be helping in other, more effective ways.


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