Developer(s) Elegant Attack
Publisher(s) Elegant Attack
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Released December 7th, 2021
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer (Online)
Ratings BBFC: 18
PEGI: 18
Platform(s) Anima 2, PlayStation 5, Xbox Next, Microsoft Windows

Bloodbrothers is a first-person hero shooter video game designed by George Alder and Jonathan Reid, developed by Elegant Attack and Fireteam and published by Elegant Attack. The game is largely built around multiplayer matches between two teams of five, across a variety of maps and game modes. Maps are specifically designed for specific game modes, instead of each map having to be suitable for all game modes.

Alongside the substantial multiplayer portion, there is also a pseudo-campaign mode. Each character has their own medium-length single-player mission, which acts as a tutorial for their abilities, as well as providing each character with some playable backstory. All post-launch characters also come with their own mission. Players can also play single-player bot matches offline, as well custom online matches with a combination of players and bots. The complexity of the bot AI can be altered, allowing players to change bot matches from simple ability practice to games mimicking high-level play.

All characters have some degree of customization, consisting of skins, weapon recolours, emotes and voice lines. All characters are available immediately, but cosmetic items have to be purchased with credits. 50 credits are granted every time the player levels up, and prices of cosmetic items range from 100 to 1000 credits. The game is continuously supported with new characters, maps and cosmetic items.


The game is set in a cyberpunk future where a mass-empowering event created a species of humans with supernatural abilities. The story of Bloodbrothers is told through snippets that accomodate new Operator releases, such as promotional art and the tutorials, and in-game events. 


Bloodbrothers is a competitive multiplayer shooter. 


Main article: Bloodbrothers/Operators

The base game featured 30 operators across several factions. Each operator is designed to play uniquely, with a kit comprised of a weapon, active and/or passive abilities and an ultimate ability. Operators have their own counters, who can effectively counter the operator's abilities. Both teams have access to the same characters, allowing both teams to pick the same characters. However, a team can only include one of the same operator at once. Characters can be swapped during intermissions, which mostly occur in between rounds.

New operators are added on a continuous basis throughout the post-release support period. Released operators, who either fall out of the meta or have underwhelming gameplay, receive changes in the form of buffs, ability tweaks or full reworks. Many characters from the original roster have undergone many changes from their beta counterparts based of feedback during the beta. With release of Operator number 60, Elegant Attack announced to stop adding new operators, instead updating the games fundamentals and reworking outdated operators for the remainder of the season.


Main article: Bloodbrothers/Modes


Closed AlphaEdit

Open BetaEdit


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