Biosphere is a medium-sized map featured in Warzone: Iron Wolf II.


Biosphere takes place in an experimental biospherical dome in Silicon Valley. The map features a variety of smaller and larger buidlings, as well as open grounds. It is modelled after a town. It has an arena design. Because of this, many playstyles suit the map and each area can easily be entered and escaped. Close Quarters dominate in the houses, while outside a few long sight lines can be effectively used. The map js very assymetrical and many windows in buildings feature a different angle compared to others. The environment is dynamic and changes over the course of the map, giving players outside multiple challenges in one game.

Map ExclusivesEdit

  • During the course of the match, an announcer will warn the players from changing environment. Plant growth and weather are affected by multiple climates. There are 4 climates, desert, tropical, snowy and normal. Each climate has it's own plants and lighting and can change the way of the game. In tropical climate, more vegetation appears to hide in, making long siggt engagements difficult. In desert, everything is clear, but the glare is worse.

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