Beneath The Snow is the second mission in Dark Half 3.


Plot Edit

After following the tracks for a good 30 minutes they mysteriously come to an end, Josh drops to his knees and begins to dig through the thick snow. Uncovering a backpack with a worn out name tag which bears the name Sarah, panicking he hastily digs deeper through the snow but finds nothing. In distance two human silhouettes of are seen walking then disappearing into the dense snow mist, Joshua sprints towards them and into the mist but loses them. Treading through the endless mist he finally escapes it’s grasp. Continuing to look for the two silhouettes as well as his mother and sister he heads towards the city.

Upon dwelling further into the desolated city, Joshua seeks shelter to escape the harshness of the cold, enters a taxicab and falls asleep.Waking up moments later, Joshua is shocked to see a mysterious man looking right at him. Feeling threatened Joshua pulls out a sharp piece of metal, the man replies by tapping on the car’s window with a handgun. With a deranged smile the man slowly opens the door and threatens him. Flipping his handgun and giving it to Joshua, he introduces himself as Hugh.

Notable ItemsEdit

  • M1911 - Given to Joshua by Hugh. 

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