The Battle Shield is a special tier weapon featured in Warzone: Iron Wolf.

Warzone: Iron WolfEdit

The Battle Shield is only equipable when using the Juggernaut Recon killstreak, where it is paired with a USP.45 and 1100 health armor, in Warzone: Iron Wolf. On PC, it can be equipped in private matches if made available by the host.

The Battle Shield absorbs all bullet damage and has infinite health, However, the shield can be damaged aesthetically with scratches and cracks. If a launcher hits the shield directly, the blast radius doesn't penetrate the shield but does not absorb the explosion and still can cause damage to nearby teammates. 

The shield is always equipped and held with the left hand, while the pistol is held with the right hand. In standing position, the shield is held sideways to only cover the left half of the body, so the soldier can hipfire the pistol at targets. When aiming down sights, the shield is put compeltely to the left and not covering anything. In crouch position, he holds it to cover everything of his body. This way he prevents being vulnerable by switching to his pistol.

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