Autumn Fall is a large map featured in Fog of War: Insurrection

Layout and DesignEdit

Autumn Fall is set in a militarized deep ravine full of raised terrain, water ways and underground passage ways. A Forward Operating Base is centered in the middle of the map providing a 360 degree view of the map although the view is limited due to it's flat level. Behind the base is a mid-level cliff with a restricted view of the map but a full view of the Froward Operating Base, at the back of the map is a large but desolated farm house with a downed V-22 Osprey near-by. The mix of variable levels across a vast landscape make Autumn Fall a perfect map for Sniper Rifle engagements. The map features vibrant colors of green, orange and brown with a purple and blue backdrop.

Forward Operating Base Raven - CenterEdit

Located in the middle of the map, this Forward Operating Base is littered with the bodies of dead Ranger Operatives. The base has minimal cover and is largely exposed but once controlled provides a great view of the map. An entrance to an underground is located in the middle where players can drop down and transverse the map quicker, this is offset by amplified noise and water alerting players of your position.

Desolated Farm House Manor - South WestEdit

Located at the back of the map, the farm house manor is one of two location which provide cover and the only location supporting close quarter engagements.

Map Dynamics and Dynamic Entry Edit

The 75th Ranger Regiment enter the map inside a UH25 Karem and hard drop into their spawm while Quietus Operators are setting up weapon caches, this is for every game mode excluding Face Off. In Face Off,  Ranger Operatives run through a mine field while Quietus Operators have a conversation with each other. 

Map DynamicsEdit

Autumn Fall has minimal map dynamics.

  • A ammuntion resuply box inside the downed V-22 Osprey can resuply only one players ammuniton and equipment.
  • Inside the desolated farm house manor, players can find a unique sniper rifle called the Hunting Rifle. It has minimal reserve ammo and shares the sames statistics as the M40A5.

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