Art of War
Developer(s) DECA Rotterdam
Publisher(s) TBA
Designer(s) Alec Verdoorn

Mikhail Dzheyms

Engine Wartech 5th Generation
Released Scheduled for 2022
Genre(s) Role-playing Open World First- and Third Person Shooter Simulator
Mode(s) Singleplayer, mutliplayer
Ratings BBFC: 18
PEGI: 16
Media Optical disc, Blu-ray disc, digital download

Art of War, formerly nicknamed as Project Sandbox, is a Massive-multiplayer online vehicular Role-playing Open World strategic first/third person shooter simulator developed and published by DECA for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.


The idea of making Art of War was conceived in 2013, before Warzone was even released, and development on the title started in 2014 by DECA Rotterdam. The goals of the game were based on the goals Infinite Development Incorporated's cancelled title Battlegrounds. DECA hired Prime Studios veterans Mikhail Dzheyms and Ruslan Turchinov to function as weapon and vehicle director.


Art of War is simulator shooter, focusing on realistic war scenarios and gameplay. The soldiers will move realistically in the environments, have pinpoint wound marks and effects and weapons will behave like how they do in reallife, with bullet drop and spread. There are also many customizable items, like goggles that protect the player's eyes from dust and water, that will add further immersion in the world. 

Players can build their characters from the ground up in a detailed customization sequence. Weapons will also have in-depth customization option, like changing integral parts of the weapon. In the battlefield, players don't only follow a fixed storyline but need to plan operations, gather intel in the area and manage resources properly.

Campaign Edit

The story takes place during the fictional World War III. The conflict will be highlighted from multiple perspectives, like American soldiers and Russian soldiers, but also different type of operations, like covert ops and total warfare. There are both determined characters that serve narrative purposes, while there are also player-created characters that are fully unique. 

There are multiple chapters for the player to complete, which get unlocked in order. A few missions are divided into 2 parts, spanning across 2 chapters showing an event from multiple perspectives. There are also certain missions that can only be played when having skills in the needed branch, like naval or air combat. Players will progress


Art of War will feature a wide selection of weapons to choose from, which are all represented by armies participating in the war, as well as third faction weaponry. The player can store guns he gets from the army or finds in the battlefield at the base of operations, making them available for customization. As the story progresses, new prototype and fictional weapons will come up and be used on small scales.