Anderson Breach
Anderson Breach
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Field Agent Anderson Whitelaw Breach is a character featured in the Black Operations


Early Life and Background

Breach was born in San Antonio, Texas. Aspiring to join the USMC, he began training at the age of fifteen with his neighbor a U.S Army veteran, Alan. His schizophrenic father grew jealous of Breach’s relationship with Alan in which he killed him in cold blood. As a form of punishment his father cut off Anderson's hand, devastated Breach killed his father.

Anderson Breach signed up for the United States Marine Corps but was rejected because of his hand. On the brink of suicide he was contacted by a Navy recruiter and after proving his worth he was assigned to Seal Team 6, Black Squadron, a year after training due to his outstanding record. His first kill as a designated marksman was a child carrying an I.E.D approaching a group of Marines.

Events of Black Operations

Anderson Breach was deployed by Oracle to rescue Secret Agent Jay Murray after his signal went dead during a mission in Colombia, he kills Murray’s captor saving both him and Kamar from imminent death.


  • Anderson Breach is voiced by Roger Craig Smith.

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