Birth date May 13th, 1941
Gender Male
Hair color Grey
Eye colour Hazel
Race/ethnicity White
Nationality English
Occupation Musician (1960-1972)
Handyman (1972-2006)
Retired (2006-Present)
Age 78
Status Alive
Appearances After Death: Season One
Voiced by Tim Barlow

Neil is a 78-year old male character that acts as a minor character in After Death: Season One. He was born during the second World War in Lancaster, but lived in Wales for the rest of the war. After the end of the war, he was reunited with his mother, although his father died in action. During his late teenage years, he took a fond interest in music, and was eventually inspired to learn guitar upon hearing Apache by The Shadows. Throughout the 60s and the early 70s, he played in a small-time band, and although he was talented, they never reached any particular amount of stardom. After the band eventually went their separate ways, Neil started working as a handyman in a hotel in London, a job he kept for 34 years before his retirement in 2006.

When the safe areas were set up, Neil was moved to one somewhere in Southwark. When the military stopped regulating the safe areas, residents of this area turned parts of Southwark into their own town, named Blacklist. Neil provided assistance in building structures such as walls due to his prior work, although his age meant he couldn't do much.

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