Birth date January 28th, 1980
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye colour Blue
Race/ethnicity White
Nationality Dutch
Occupation Barista
Age 29
Status Alive
Appearances After Death: Season One
Voiced by Robert de Hoog

Klaas is a 29-year old male character that acts as a minor character in After Death: Season One. He illegally immigrated from the Netherlands when he was 20 to look for work in the United Kingdom. He was jobless for a time but received support to pay for housing and food, although he mostly used it to support his drug habits. He eventually found a job as a barista in a coffee shop in central London, which he kept until the UK was declared to be in a state of emergency and everyone was put into safe areas.

Klaas was moved into a safe area somewhere in Southwark. After military regulation was stopped, the former residents of this area set up their own town called Blacklist, a walled off section of what was formally Southwark. Klaas, although fluent in English, was treated like a common laborer by fellow Blacklist citizens, although he remained one of the more street-skilled people living there.

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