Birth date November 3rd, 1982
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye colour Green
Race/ethnicity Persian
Nationality English
Occupation Stockbroker
Age 36
Status Alive
Appearances After Death: Season One
Voiced by Kayvan Novak

Kevin is a 36-year old male character that acts as one of the main characters of After Death: Season One. He was a stockbroker based in London before the 2015 bubonic plague outbreak caused the collapse of the governments of the United Kingdom and western Europe. He grew up as part of an upper-class family in Kensington and started working in stockbroking due to family connections. He became one of the richer citizens of London and was highly praised due to his constant philanthropic and charity work. However, he still never really lived any sort of hard life, and was always in constant luxury.

When the UK was declared to be in a state of emergency, due to the first cases of pneumonic plague being reported, Kevin was moved into the 1 West India Quay dedicated safe area. It is here he met Abigail, Andrew, Eliza and Grant, who he become friendly with during his time there. He also discovered that his homeless foundation helped Abigail during her difficult times. When the military stopped regulating the safe areas and the mass executions began, the group of five opted to stay together, and stayed hidden in Canary Wharf for a long time, until they began searching for others, which is the beginning of the first episode.

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