Joanna 2
Birth date January 2nd, 1993
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye colour Blue
Race/ethnicity White
Nationality English
Occupation Computer Technician
Age 26
Status Alive
Appearances After Death: Season One
Voiced by Jenna Coleman

Joanna, often known as Frequency, is a 26-year old female character that acts as one of the main characters in After Death: Season One. She was formerly a near-social recluse and computer technician living in London, who was one of few people to survive outside of the safe zones for the period they were being regulated. Instead, she moved between boats station in the West India Docks. She obsessively monitored radio chatter to track the locations of the military and understand what the government was planning to do. It is assumed that she suffers from mild autism, based on her impaired communication, repetitive body movements and compulsive behavior.

When military regulation was stopped, and the mass extermination of infected citizens began, Joanna was under major risk due to her never being registered under a safe area. During a search of her last hiding area, she killed the inspecting personnel and remained in shock for days. She stayed in the same area for weeks, continuing to track radio signals and giving herself the nickname Frequency to help with the stress of her kill. She was found by Abigail and her group not soon after they set out to find survivors.

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