"With all respect, but there's no tomorrow to defend if we do nothing."
―Spike to the president about the withdrawal of US forces to takeout Typhoon.
Act of Valor
Previous level 121 Stories
Next level Just Cause
Game Warzone: Iron Wolf
Character Charlie "Spike" Thompson
Team Task Force 121
Weapons M4A1 SOPMOD w/ AGOC scope and laser sight

USP.45 w/ laser sight

Enemy weapons FAMAS w/ various attachments

SAR 21 w/ various attachments
UMP.45 w/ various attachments
FN P90 w/ various attachments
MG4 w/ various attachments
4 Gauge Shotgun

Place Kennedy Space Center, United States
Date Day 3 2023 - 09:32:57 AM
Objective Sabotage the shuttle launch
Enemies Typhoon

Act of Valor is the seventh mission in Warzone: Iron Wolf and the third in the 2023 timeline. It features Charlie "Spike" Thompson alongside Wrecker and Psycho on a black flag operation to stop Typhoons transport shuttle after the United States forces have surrendered to Typhoon.


Main article: Act of Valor/transcript


  • Astronaut for Hire - Complete Act of Valor on any difficulty
  • It's Flammable! - Incinerate 5 enemies by exploding red barrels or destroying rocket fuel tanks
  • Above and Beyond the Call - Complete 121 Stories and Act of Valor on Veteran

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