This is the transcript for the Kingdom of America trailer for A Monarchy of Scum.


Halloween Metal Hip Hop Beat 2

Halloween Metal Hip Hop Beat 2

(The above music begins. The NINE100 Studios logo is displayed until 0:05. From 0:05 to 0:28, panoramic views of Santa Khan, Ipezal Beach, Port Dagenhead and Nickton are shown.)

Kari Lopez: We'd like to think we are all doing good in the world, doing things that everyone thinks is okay. Nobody thinks what I do is okay, but it needs to be done. I am a vital part of something that does what needs to be done, but we are never labelled as good. We just labelled ourselves unstoppable. The future.

(At around 0:27, the screen panoramas cut out to a blank screen and the music stops briefly. After a second, the music resumes and the screen shows Kari fighting two men. At 0:34, the screen changes to Dean shooting at another man shooting back.)

Kari: We are all vital parts of this future.

(At around 0:39, D.W. is shown free running through the rooftops.)

Kari: This future that is hidden. A future ruled by the people.

(At 0:48, Noah is shown packaging drugs while a gang of people approach from behind.)

Kari: We are considered criminals, but are just doing what the other 99 out of 100 people do not want to do. The right thing.

(At 1:01, the music and screen cuts out.)

Kari: We will do the right thing until we're dead.

(After the above speech, the music starts again at 2:21, and the A Monarchy of Scum logo is lifted on a screen, reminiscent of a shadow theatre.)