Insert Magazine Here
Previous level Inceptive Stumbles
Next level The Digital Age
Game A Monarchy of Scum
Character Dean Parsons
Place Santa Khan
Objective Practice your shooting.

Insert Magazine Here is the second story mission in A Monarchy of Scum. The player controls Dean Parsons, after waking up with a hangover from the previous night, as he travels to an indoor firing range to practice his shooting. The tutorial is considered a basic shooting tutorial, as it teaches the player the basics of shooting such as aiming, firing and reloading. It also briefly touches on character customisation, as the player will be shown how to change clothes during the first part of the mission.


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The mission begins with Dean falling off of his sofa after waking up with a hangover. After he notices that his clothes are covered in vomit, he goes to his bedroom the get changed. The player is free to change into whatever clothes they like.

After changing, Dean walks outside and notices his car has had "Lazy Bastard" spray-pained on all sides of it. Dean then begins to walk to the firing range, and the same 3A member from the night before stops him again, although Dean simply punches him instead of running away from him.

After entering the firing range, Dean is greeted by the owner, who hands Dean his vintage Mauser to use in the range. After entering the range and using the gun for a while, Dean exits the range and gives his Mauser back to the owner, before leaving the firing range. The focus then switches to Kari Lopez.