Inceptive Stumbles
Previous level None
Next level Insert Magazine Here
Game A Monarchy of Scum
Character Dean Parsons
Place Santa Khan
Objective Find your way home.

Inceptive Stumbles is the first story mission in A Monarchy of Scum. The player controls a drunk Dean Parsons as he struggles to walk from a bar in Santa Khan to his home. The tutorial is considered a basic movement tutorial, as it teaches the player how to move, use the camera and also run.


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The mission begins with Dean, at the Griffin Bar, drinking heavily. After the barmaid notices Dean's drinking habits, she refuses to serve him, leading Dean to angrily grab a bottle from the bar and drink from it, leading him to be kicked out.

After leaving the bar, Dean trips and balances himself on a bench. He then begins the walk home, struggling to stand and walk in a straight line. After a while, Dean will encounter a 3A member, who tries to demean Dean. Dean, however, eventually runs off, being chased by the 3A member.

After losing the 3A member, Dean continues the walk home. Eventually, he reaches his house, and immediately enters the kitchen and gets a can of beer, before sitting down in his living room, having a small amount of the beer and passing out.