The APS Underwater rifle is a special rifle featured in Warzone: Iron Wolf

Warzone: Iron WolfEdit

"Death from below. Use the APS Underwater rifle to dominate the open waters in the battlefield and travel from point to point safely."
―Gear description.

The APS Underwater rifle appears in both campaign and multiplayer, but is listed as an rifle in the campaign, while in multiplayer it is enlisted as part of a soldier's gear.


The APS Underwater rifle only appears in the mission 121 Stories and is only useable twice in that mission, during the diving sequences. That is the only appearence of the APS in the whole campaign.


The APS Underwater rifle is enlisted as gear and can be used by default. The APS is automatically equiped, if chosen as gear, when the player dives into the water. The APS can't be equipped outside the water.

The APS has a moderate RPM, but low damage. The player has to pump a few bullets into the enemy, which takes much time. However, the if the enemy is hit, he'll get a movement penalty. The enemy's swim speed is lowered by 20% pro bullet, giving the user of teh APS more chance to kill him.

The shots of the APS are completly silent for enemies after 3 meter and the player with the APS is extremely lethal in the water.

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