AFO Predator
Predators logo
Leader(s) Wolfhound
Appears in Warzone: Iron Wolf
Country United States
Type Special Operations Force
Engagements Silent War
Active establishment unknown

Active duty since 2033

Nickname The Predators
Motto One man can't win wars, but together we can.

AFO Predator, also known as 'The Predators', is a black flag special operations unit under command of the United States Army Special Operations Command, in Fort Bragg, North Carolina and part of the U.S. Army Special Forces or more commonly known, as Green Berets.


They are established during the Silent War, but are on reserve and inactive, until 2033. 

Unit size include less then one hundred men, equivalent to an under-sized company with little arsenal of weapons, vehicles, and supplies, which has led the unit to be known as "Predator Company." This is due to the fact that the economy of the United States was crippled during The Silent War and the anti-American terror group Typhoon, tries to stop any foreign supply going into the United States, causing chaos and a shortage of much needed supplimentaries.

The Predators were send into active service short before 2033, with recruiting and recon missions. However, AFO Predator's first operating squad only exists of 4 members, due the shortage of specialists. They were send to Montana to gather intel. With the gathered intel, they were able to rescue Typhoon target John Makovic. However, the shortage of operators in the squad led to the recruit of a young man, who had a lot of talent according to it's dossier.

With the new squad established, the Predators used the intel Makovic provided to investigate an Typhoon factory. After that, the Predators also engaged in an operation in Caracas en route to base. They learned about mysterious missiles that Typhoon had, but couldn't connect any dots. That changed after they rescued a HVI after a tip the new operator gave.

Known membersEdit


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Assault RiflesEdit

Submachine GunsEdit


Light Machine GunsEdit

Sniper RiflesEdit


Machine PistolsEdit



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