5-7 Development
Founded 2013
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Key people David Burnes

Jason Reid

Industry Video Games and Electronic Software
Products Video Games

Computer Applications

Net income AD
Employees 200+

5-7 Development, also known as 5-7 Studios, is a computer software company mainly focused on developing video games. The company is located in San Francisco, California and was founded by Jonathan Reid and David Burnes in 2013.



In late 2013, Jason Reid and David Burnes, two video game developers previously working for NINE100 Studios got in contact with each other and decided to form 5-7 Development. Their vision was to produce ambitious titles that could not be made at NCS due to their position at the company.


After 5-7 was founded and more employees were recruited, they started work on 2016's Day of the Machine. During the later stages of development, Jonathan Reid quit 5-7 to form Crystal Perfection. Development continued, and although Day of the Machine was not critically acclaimed, it was nevertheless a good debut game for the studio. During the game's development, another section of 5-7 worked on the Playstation VR game Dungeon Crawl, but the game was cancelled due to insufficient funding. They also started pre-production on a title dubbed "120 Days", but that too was eventually cancelled due to creative differences. 5-7 then started production on their next project, The Punisher.

Software and Games developedEdit