"You owe me something. Where are going to get him out."
―Spike to the Predators after him joining AFO Predator.
121 Stories
Previous level Legends Never Die
Next level Act of Valor
Game Warzone: Iron Wolf
Character Calvin "Saint" Silex
Team Predators
Weapons ARX-160 w/ Hybrid sight and extended clip

M110 SASS w/ thermal scope APS Underwater Rifle

Enemy weapons AK-74U w/various attachments

Skorpion EVO III PP-2000 w/various attachments

AK-12 w/various attachments



.44 Magnum

APS Underwater Rifle

Place Inagua, The Bahamas
Date March 8th - 05:02:21 AM
Objective Secure Spike's CIA contact
Enemies Typhoon

121 Stories, pronounced as one hundred twenty-one stories, is the sixth mission in Warzone: Iron Wolf and the fourth in the 2033 timeline. It features Calvin "Saint" Silex and the Predator team, with the addition of Spike, on a search and rescue mission to extract an old contact of Spike who worked for the CIA out o a detention facility in Typhoon influenced Inagua, The Bahamas.


Main article: 121 Stories/transcript


  • Never Leave a Man Behind (15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy bronze) - Complete 121 Stories on any difficulty
  • A Born Deadeye (25 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy bronze) - Get 15 Headshots during the beach landing 
  • Above and Beyond the Call (45 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy silver) - Complete 121 Stories and Act of Valor on Veteran

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