Operative Marshall, callsign: Wrecker, is a special operations soldier, affilated to Task Force 121. He is a close friend to Charlie "Spike" Thompson and Psycho. He appears in Warzone and Warzone: Iron Wolf.


Wrecker appears in all Task Force 121 missions, except Bloodthirsty. He is a experienced soldier in Spike's squad and knows a lot of various weaponry, like rifles, explosives and heavier arms. He is most of the time net to Spike's side and is very loyal to all other squadmates, including Maverick. He is probaply a Sergeant First Class or Master Swrgeant, however, this is never proved.

Warzone: Iron WolfEdit

Wrecker appears in most of the 2023 missions, SagitarrioAct of Valor and Death's Veil, but is only briefly mentioned in Legends Never Die. However, he also plays a big role in the 2033 part, with a mission where the Predators safe him from a Typhoon prison. He briefly appears in the cutscene of Just Cause, where he gives the team valuable intel for Parker's downfall. He appears once again in the cutscene of The Last Predator, where he speaks with Spike for one final time.

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