Callsign: Psycho, is an american special operations soldier, affilated to Task Force 121. He is a close friend to Charlie "Spike" Thompson and Wrecker. He appears in both Warzone and Warzone: Iron Wolf.


Psycho appears in all Task Force 121 missions. He is Spike's squad second in-command, altough he tries to have as much influence as Spike and also tries to consult him in many situations. He is a very tactical soldier and is profencienced with long range weaponry. His rank however, is unknown. Many believe he is a Master sergeant, but many in-game moments suggest that he is a luietenant, like Spike.

Warzone: Iron WolfEdit

Psycho appears in all 2023 missions, Sagitarrio, Legends Never Die, Act of Valor and Death's Veil. He has the same role as he had in Warzone, but has a much more supporting role compared to Spike, who was promoted to Captain after World War III. It is not known if he got promoted.

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