Synth remix
Developer(s) Elegant Attack
Publisher(s) NINE100 Studios
Engine Ignition
Released December 10th, 2019
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer (Online)
Ratings BBFC: 18
PEGI: 18
Series !synth
Platform(s) Anima, Microsoft Windows
"Be at one with the beat."
―Official Tagline
!synth(remix), stylized as !synth(REMIX), is an upcoming first-person arena shooter video game developed by Elegant Attack and published by NINE100 Studios. The game is primarily played online, although the game can still be played offline with bots. It is part of the !synth series, and is the only multiplayer game in the series.


"A revolutionizing way of playing first-person shooters, with unparalleled dynamic map design and a unique weapon arsenal at disposal."
―Elegant Attack's description of the game.

Remix sets itself apart from other multiplayer first-person shooters with new revolutionary level design. Like !synth(pulse), Remix' gunplay is mainly influenced by it's soundtrack. The game features dynamic maps constantly changing on the beat of the music, leaving players to adapt to the new environment and use it to their advantage. Remix takes place in a digital realm rather than the physical world, with players being loaded in at the start of each match and vanishing digitally when killed. The game does have a connection to the main series,. The original soundtrack of the game was made to accomodate to the map design.

The gameplay takes the style of classic arena shooters, with players spawning with the exact same stats and capabilities. They all start solely with a pistol, while other weapons spawn on the map and have to be collected from the spawn points or grabbed from dead players who held the weapon.  The relative simplicity of the mechanics are done to let players instead focus on mastering the maps and how they change throughout the match. Each map also has an overarching thematic design that influences all dynamic changes. Inspirations for these themes came in the form of rollercoasters, trampolines, oceanic waves and more, all which are characterized by having a general unpredictability in a repeated motion. 

Weapons present in the game carry over the philosophy of the previous synth games in that they enforce unique and wacked designs with exclusive and stylzied firemodes. Weapons also hold special passive traits that are only applied when holding the weapon either in hands or in the inventory, like buffing a characters speed or resistance. This is done to prevent all players only collecting the best DPS weapon and instead try to go after as much different weapons as possible. 

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